About Gabe The Girl

In 2015, I prayed a big prayer..."Take me to the World before I am taken from it." Little did I know that the answer to that prayer would be found in Spain. In 2016, I served as a missional apprentice in Southern Spain. In 2017, I walked The Camino De Santiago. My journey was a 520-mile pilgrimage across Northern Spain. 300,000 people from around the globe walked the Camino De Santiago in 2017; I was one of them.

It’s a spiritual journey that has transformed my life and has given me the vision to see other people's lives transformed through it as well.

I am now part of an incredible organization called One Collective and the team I will be serving with for the next two years is in Northern Spain on The Camino De Santiago

The world is coming to Santiago.
I am going to the world. 

(350,000 people walked the Camino in 2019.)


Vision Video • 2020

About One Collective

One Collective is an International Organization whose vision is to see lives and communities transformed by the power of God. 
It is our mission to bring people together to help the oppressed.

We take a holistic approach to help those
in need by following the actions of Jesus
and loving people the ways He did. 

Jesus fed the hungry, freed the enslaved, forgave the sins of the world. 
He turned hearts towards Him not only with his words but with food, freedom, and forgiveness. 
This is the passion of One Collective, to approach lives in need caring for the whole person, caring for the whole community.


Video: One Collective - What We Do

The Pilgrim House

The community I will be serving is located in Santiago De Compostela and the project that I will be most directly involved with is called, The Pilgrim House.” 

Every year, over 300,000 people walk the 500-mile long Camino de Santiago trail that stretches from France to Spain. Many of these pilgrims are doing so for spiritual reasons, seeking truth and purpose.

At the end of this trail, the Pilgrim House exists to give these people an opportunity to find respite, encouragement and ultimately love!

I'm inviting you on a journey to see people walk out of oppression and into wholeness! 

We desire to see lives transformed by the love of Jesus!

None of us can go alone.

Will you join me on this journey?
Will you partner with me financially by giving a financial gift to make this vision a reality?

I would love to visit with you and share more about how we will see lives transformed together!
"Take me to the world..." I said
"Let's go to Santiago..." He replied


“She is wise beyond her years, lovable, and a friendship started to develop in our coaching/mentoring time. So it's my honor to share this about her. I'm sure she will be a gift to whoever gets to know her and with Jesus she will guide you through whatever your life throws at you.”

— Pilgrim 2018
"When meeting with Gabe I'm stirred to think differently than I've thought before, see my life as a whole rather then separate parts, and truly be a doer not just a hearer."

— Coaching Client
"Gabe has a way of calling out the greatness in someone, spurring and encouraging them to go deeper and higher, and champions who you are, intently listening and asking questions that cause what's truly in you to come out."

— Coaching Client

Want To Receive Updates?

I'd love to hear from you! I'll be sharing more of my journey to serve in Santiago in the coming months.
I can't think of doing this without you, nor do I want to.
I just can't.
I love you all and am excited to walk this journey together!
We're in for an adventure!