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I'm so excited to share this journey with you! It's been such a beautiful and humbling experience to partner with Jesus in His heart work here in Spain. Your sowing of prayers and financial gifts makes it possible to continue sharing the transformational and unstoppable love of Jesus with people from all over the world who are hurting, seeking, and searching.

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February 2024
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My Story

In 2015, I prayed a big prayer..."Take me to the world before I am taken from it." Little did I know the answer to my prayer would be found in Spain. In 2017, following a year-long missional apprenticeship, I walked a 520-mile pilgrimage across Northern Spain called, The Camino De Santiago. Three hundred thousand people from around the globe walked the Camino De Santiago in 2017; I was one of them.

It’s a spiritual journey that has impacted my life greatly and has given me the deep desire to see other people's lives transformed by Jesus through their own Camino pilgrimage.

I am now part of an incredible organization called One Collective and the team I will be serving with for the next two years is in Northern Spain on The Camino De Santiago. 

The world comes to Santiago.


My Camino, 2017 // Day 1 of 35


"Recovery Camino" 2021 // Continued Steps for Personal Recovery


I'd love to hear from you!

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