How Can I Partner Through Giving?

"Jesus takes what we give and blesses and multiplies our efforts. Jesus invited the disciples into this activity to meet the needs of others. As we embrace generosity, we are also swept into God's activity." -Kim King

We all have a call to the great commission. To see lives transformed by the power of Jesus. We individually answer this call in different ways by investing the resources and giftings God has given us –– our energy, our prayers, our provisions –– to see His Kingdom welcome more sons and daughters.

Your faith giving has an eternal impact.

We don't get to see even half of what our investments are doing in the spirit realm. What an incredibly beautiful and awe-provoking and exciting thing to know! 

Would you consider investing in this specific eternal impact of sons and daughters returning to their Father?

I can't wait to see lives transformed by the power of God.
My prayer for you is that He blesses you through this act of faith.

Financial Partnership

A financial gift can be made one-time or monthly. Currently I am looking for partners in both areas!
Any amount can be given, no amount is too small or too big. Remember that the Lord will use it all.

If you have specific questions about giving, please send me an email!
I am happy to be transparent with you about my financial needs.

If you need help, please consider a recurring monthly donation of $10-$100+.
But, also let the Lord lead you as you decide together with Him how much to give.

(updated monthly)