How Can I Partner In This Journey Through Prayer?

We work together with God's power when we exercise our authority in prayer.

Prayer is something anyone can do. No matter the language or the eloquence of words. Prayer reaches out beyond the veil that was ripped so we would have direct access to the Father and His love. We have the authority as His sons and daughters to call upon His power to see Him at work here on earth.

Prayer changes things.

We pray not because we "ought" to pray, but because prayer connects us with heaven, changes our hearts and the world around us. 

Praise puts our hearts and minds back on the Giver of Life.

I don't only want to be in prayer with all of you but also to be actively giving praise where it is due. There's much to give thanks for along the way. Even some of the more difficult parts of the journey call for us to give praise because of how the Lord is drawing us closer to Him and strengthening us through the challenges.

Prayer and praise together are a powerful combination.



I'm humbled and honored to join in this journey
of prayer, intercession and praise with you.

Every beginning of the month an e-mail will arrive in your inbox
with specific prayer points and praises!

At the bottom of this form please pick a specific day of the
month to pray, intercede and praise.
The idea is that every day will be covered in
prayer and praise each month.

And of course, please pray, intercede and praise with me at anytime!