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MAR. 7, 2020
FEB. 3, 2020

I'll start by saying that I am so excited that you are here. There's so much happening and so much that I'm looking forward to sharing with you over the coming years! Yes, years! If you haven't read the home page yet, it would be good to do so before reading this so you have some leading information to this update.

The first week of January I attended orientation with One Collective in Chicago, IL. At the end of my week learning and growing with many other individuals going to serve in places all around the world I cannot even begin to accurately describe how much peace and deep confirmation I had about taking my next steps towards Spain with One Collective. I was incredibly encouraged by their holistic approach to serving (you can read about that on the home page) and their mission to transform lives through the power of Jesus. 

I came back to the east coast with confidence and the challenge to prepare myself holistically for serving in Spain. As I look ahead to September 2020 I know that there are many parts of preparation that I cannot do alone. I've started meeting with a friend who is (out of the kindness and selflessness of his heart) teaching me to drive a manual transmission truck! Something I'll need to learn how to do to be able to drive in Europe. I had another dear friend of mine help me to film some footage at a state park to create a video about this big life change and ask for people to join with me through this journey. I've had two friends that are my age commit to giving financially towards my support goals! These acts of kindness and desire to be part of this with me have brought my eyes to tears and moved my heart to a constant state of thankfulness.

This is my faith and obedience camino of 2020. It's my journey this side of the world with all of you. My camino family. The camino is about the journey and it can't be walked alone. If you or someone you know would like to join me on this journey through prayer & praise, as a financial gift hero, or in any other way please reach out to me. I'd love to meet with you in person or over the phone and talk with you more about it! 

Be sure to check out the Prayer Partnership and Financial Partnership pages on this site for more information. Please let me know if you have questions or need further information!! 

Bendiciones (Blessings), 
Gabriela (Gabrielle)